Every patient is different. Surgery should be too.

Personalized predictions.
Proactive treatment. Proven results.


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50% of surgical complications are avoidable.

It costs U.S. hospitals $45 Billion, each year.



A comprehensive learning ecosystem that improves surgical care over time.



We use data from millions of surgeries to predict each patient's complication risk, pre- and post-surgery.



We learn and recommend which interventions work best to mitigate each patient's risk.



We track patient outcomes to know what actions are effective and on whom to help surgeons adapt and improve care.

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Clinically validated insight meets seamless workflow integration.

  • Direct EHR integration means no time lost in the surgical workflow.
  • Patient-specific risk profile adds a layer of objectivity to every decision.
  • Targeted interventions for the right patient at the right time.

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