Surgery should be informed by data. Lots of it.

KelaHealth is a software platform that combines predictive algorithms with high-impact interventions to reduce surgical complications. We use millions of data points to inform each patient's comprehensive risk profile, then recommend the best interventions to mitigate those risks.

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We're here to bridge the gap between data and action.

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Accurate Predictions

KelaHealth algorithms assess patient risk across 9 major complication categories, for any procedure throughout the surgical journey.


Targeted recommendations

Targeted interventions are recommended based on each patient's comprehensive risk profile, so each treatment plan is tailored for safer and more cost-effective care.


Seamless Integration 

Our software supports direct EHR integration, meaning no time lost in the surgical workflow.


smart interface

The one-sheet UI is designed for surgeons and administrators to spend less time piecing together important data. Go from patient and procedure to risk mitigation in one simple step.



Supported by clinical evidence.

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Duke vascular surgery - retrospective study


Come back to see when results are available!

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Duke orthopedic surgery - retrospective study


Come back to see when results are available!



Surgeons save lives. Together, we can make their lives easier.


Complication Rate


Length of Stay

Physician Burnout


We help great hospitals reach their full potential.


Surgical Capacity


Patient Satisfaction


Delivering consistent, quality care is hard. We can help.

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